Q. Do you have another phone number?

A. Yes,  Call  727 530-0271 use this number if our main number 727 488-5266 is not working.

Q. Do you stock all the tools? 

A. Yes, we stock all the tools shown on this web page. If the order is placed early we ship the same day.

Q.  Is their a trick to using the EZ cracker

A. Actually, the trick to using it is to realize its power.  You simply have to tap it to crack these

very hard crab shells.

Q. Can the EZ or Florida Cracker crack any other kind of shellfish other than Stone Crab Claws?

A. Yes, Only hard shell like large King Crab Claws or very large Lobster Claws.

Q. Can the  Florida Cracker shuck clams?

A. Yes, place the clam with the hinge up. Put  the blade on the hinge and push down slow. A small knife is needed to cut the muscle on each side.

Q. Can I buy replacement parts?

A. Yes, we stock a replacement blade and bar assembly $89.00 plus S&HYou must Call  727-488-5266 to order this.

Q. How long have you been selling these type of tools? 

A. Over 30 years right here in Largo, Florida. 100% MADE IN AMERICA.

Q. Can you crack nuts with this tool?
A. Yes, this will crack any kind of nuts with ease. Just try it!

Q. Do you have to oil the cracker unit?
A. Yes, a drop of cooking oil on the bolts of the moving parts now and then will help.

Q. How often do you have to clean this unit?
A. After each use you should clean it using an approved cleaning solution.

Q. Do I have to bolt the oyster shucker down for it to work?
A. No, you can bolt it down but it will still work -free standing.

Q. Do you loose some oyster juice when you shuck with this tool?

A. Yes. If you want the juice place this tool in a clean stainless steel pan.  The juice can then be caught, filtered and reused.  We have been shucking oysters for 50 years and our experience has shown the best juice is trapped inside the oyster’s inner body. The expelled water leaving the oyster’s system is trapped in the area between the meat and the shell. This  water is about 10% .  This liquid carries away unwanted shell, sand and by products. The oyster is still full of the best flavored juice.

Q.  Do you have any testimonials?

A. Yes.

Kerry Shelby from Key West Kitchen:

“Stone crabs are one of my favorite foods in Key West.  Their sweet, firm meat not only tastes amazingly good, but it also signals that the summer season is over and the weather in Key West is going to be perfect for the next eight months.  The fishmongers in Key West are more than happy to crack their dense armor for you, but I prefer to crack my own.  Don’t even think about those little hand-held crab crackers that  work so well on blue crabs.  These guys are tough!  You need serious weaponry.  That is exactly what the EZ Cracker from Webb’s World Industries is.  Serious weaponry.  Actually, the trick to using it is to realize its power.  You simply have to tap it to perfectly crack these otherwise unpenetrable crab shells.  It’s not cheap, but it will last forever.”

Jack Smith- aka Satisfied Customer:

“I was lucky enough to be good friends with Skip when he brainstormed the Cracker and I still have and use one of the prototypes! I got laid off by the phone company and sold Crackers, cold-calling seafood restaurants in the area! Watched Webb’s World grow the product and break out new models. Toasted with home brew when big events like Disney picking it up and when other chains of seafood restaurants would sign on! I still have a folder with newspaper articles, the -left overs of my business cards, etc.  As a Florida cracker, I can attest to the heritage…and it is a true-blue multi-generational Florida Cracker!”

Tom Chin, Executive Chef Stouffer Vinoy Resort:

“The Florida Cracker is safe, effective and one of the most valued -appliances in my kitchen.”